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ALMAR srl firm is specialized in the manufacture of self-inflatable life-raft and inflatable float generally, preparation and processing of plastic materials for the manufacture of products in demand from the nautical sector and other sectors of application.

The use of highly sophisticated and computerized machines and the possession of an elevated know-how allow the birth of a product of high quality at a competitive price.

The principal technological innovations are underlined in the following phases of production:

cut of the material

electronic welding to H.F.

The inflatable boats are high capacity fabrics ables to assure a perfect air estate in any climatic condition; a strong resistance to abrasions and hydrocarbons contact.

It all studied with exclusiveness for the pleasure boater

About Us

ALMAR è specializzata nella produzione di zattere di salvataggio e gonfiabili nonché nella lavorazione di materie plastiche per la realizzazione di tutti i prodotti dal settore nautico

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