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Life-raft – Consistent D.M. 219/2002 – Iso 9650

The range of “Almar” safety self-inflating devices, produced in the factory in Benevento, offers a hight safety thanks to the new technology and to the particular manufacturing process. The elements, which from the raft, are all cerified according to the regulation in force. When completed, it is stored in a vacuum packed bag for a better preservation, which guarantees a long life of it. the whole is contained in a rigid VTR box or soft suite case.

 Model   Serv. Yrs   Numb. person   mm container  Cont.  Tot. Weight Article 
Alive 6P  2  6 770x510x350  VTR  55 ZAT001
Alive 6P  2  6 700x480x290  BAG  53,5 ZAT001
Alive 8P  2  8 770x510x350  VTR  64 ZAT002
Alive 8P  2  8 700x480x290  BAG  62,5 ZAT002
Alive 10P  2  10 870x510x380  VTR  72 ZAT003
Alive 10P  2  10 760x520x320  BAG  70 ZAT003
Alive 12P  2  12 900x580x340
 VTR  85 ZAT004

Inside the raft is placed a tin container with the following allocations prescribed by ISO 9650:

1 air pump
1 knife
1 watertight electrical flashlight
1 spare batteries and lamps
4 hand held flares
2 smoke signals
2 parachute didtress flares
1 bailer
1 repair kit
2 paddles
2 sponge
1 signal whistle
1 fishing kit
1 first aid kit
1 day signal mirror
2 termic protection garment
Water (for person)
Food ration (for person)

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