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Life Body

Life raft open

Life raft plesure open for navigation within the 12 miles from the coast, according to DD enacted by the General Body of Capitanerie Port on 02 March 2009 in accordance with art. 54 D.M. 29 July 2008, n. 146. This raft of rescue, will replace the 01 january 2009, equipment installed on floating pleasure craft. This product has been studied and devised by ALMAR s.r.l. to guarantee a complete security at the sea. The advansed technology applied to this project consents to offer a maximum entrusting and efficiency at the sea towards one’s own life preservation.

Life Body 4P
Life Body 6P 
Life Body 8P
Life Body 10P
Serv. Yrs  1° after 3 Yrs
the next every 2
1° after 3 Yrs
the next every 2
 1° after 3 Yrs
the next every 2
1° after 3 Yrs
the next every 2

Numb. pers.

4 10
mm Container  610x280x250 610x400x270 610x400x270 660x400x290 
Cont.  bag bag
Tot. Weight   27  30  30,5  33,5 
Article ZAT015  ZAT012  ZAT013  ZAT014 

Inside the raft is placed a tin container with the following allocations prescribed by legislation:

1 air pump
1 cutter
1 watertight electrical flashlight
1 spare batteries and lamps
1 bailer
1 repair kit
2 paddles
2 sponges
1 signal whistle
water (for person)

The raft Life Body is available in containers in soft tissue in the following versions:

Zattera 4P Life body: bag
Zattera 6P Life body: bag
Zattera 8P Life body: bag
Zattera 10P Life body: bag

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